24th January 2017

Beer and Cider


There will be 70+ Ales, Craft Beers and Ciders (and gin) at this years festival. This list will be getting updated daily in the run up to the festival.


brewery beer % Beer Type Notes
Abbeydale Salvation 4.5 Stout Brewed keeping the style with the traditional Scottish desert this stout is smooth, subtly smokey and slightly sweet from the rapberry used.
Abbeydale – Dr Mortons Pale 4.2 Ginger Beer Pale beer, with fresh root ginger. Light refreshing flavours dominated by fresh, spicy ginger create a balanced finish.
Acorn Janus 5 IPA Number one hundred and forty in our series of single-hopped IPAs. English Janus hops have sweet marmalade qualities with an earthy undertone.
Atom Quark 5.2 Pale A thick and hazy pale ale showcasing Jack’s favourite hop combination, Amarillo and Simcoe. Grapefruit, orange, lime and berry supported by bread and sweet malt.
Atom Nebula 5 Porter A rich and sweet porter mad from a large combination of bready, chocolatey and roasty malts infused with a heap of maple syrup. Tastes like freshly made pancakes drizzled in maple syrup.
Bad Seed Brewery Session I.P.A.
(Azacca, El Dorado, Bravo)
4 Pale Easy drinking abv, full on hop flavour. Azacca, El Dorado and Bravo hops combine to give flavours of tropical fruit, grapefruit and lime with a smooth bitterness.
Bad Seed Brewery Strike Zone 6.2 Pale West Coast IPA. Bringing some old school bitterness to the IPArty! Cascade, Bravo, Amarillo, Centennial and Comet combine to give huge aroma, with citrus and tropical flavours and an assertive bitterness.
Brass Castle Brewery Bad Kitty 5.5 Porter A 5.5% chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter. Brewed to a gluten free recipe
Brew York DEPEACH MODE 6 Pale Peaches & Cream style Pale Ale
Bricknell Brewery Chocolate Porter 6.5 Porter A rich, chocolatey porter, made with a range of dark, roasted malts plus some cocoa bean extract to give it extra depth of flavour.
Bricknell Brewery Paragon Porter (Coffee) 6.5 Porter Brewed using our usual porter recipe, but coffee beans are added to the conditioning tank and left for 6-7 days, to give a subtle coffee flavour.
Bricknell Brewery Stepney Porter (Vanilla) 6.5 Porter Another porter, again made with a range of dark, roasted malts, but with some pure vanilla extract added just before bottling, to give it a full body and a wonderful aroma and flavour.
Bricknell Brewery Canon Street Porter (Coconut) 6.5 Porter This variation on our porter recipe includes toasted coconut flakes which are added to the conditioning tank and left for about a week, to give a subtle coconut aroma and flavour.
Canopy BROCKWELL IPA 5.6 Ipa Like its namesake, the park next to our brewery, our Brockwell IPA is a beer to enjoy in the sunshine relaxing with friends. Grab a football, a frisbee, maybe even a barbecue, this is a beer for those long lazy days that you never want to end. It’s juicy, tropical and completely crushable, and those citra hops hide that 5.6% abv pretty well. But go on, you earned it.
Cooper Hill Flying Pig 3.8 Golden A golden coloured northern ale.
Crafty Little Brewery Black Ryeno 4.6 Dark Ale Great ale is an endangered species in these lands – but it’s there, for intrepid heroes willing to seek it out. Driven on by pride and an unquenchable thirst, hunters venture deep into the wilderness in search of this elusive beast.
East yorkshire Beer Star of the West pilsner 4.5 larger A great alternative to the often tasteless mass produced Lagers. Using Pilsner malt malted in Yorkshire, and a subtle hint of Ella Hops from New Zealand.
East yorkshire Beer Top house 3.8 Mild A Dark Ruby ale, often likened to the old Hull Brewery Mild, Red Crystal malt adds a nutty sweetness, Great creamy head retention.
East yorkshire Beer full measure 6 Porter A full bodied dark ale made from a combination of 11 different grains, giving a chocolate and coffee initial flavour then a creamy toffee aftertaste.
Elgoods Brewery Black Dog 3.6 Mild An award-winning cask conditioned traditional dark mild. Well balanced malt and hops gives a pleasant aroma and taste, with splendid roasted bitter flavours.
Great Newsome Brewery Honkers Saddler 5 Bitter Classic ESB style bitter brewed with bags of British hops. Bags of bitterness but well balanced with a fruity herbal aroma.
Great Newsome Brewery White Rabbit 4.2 Golden Medium bodied golden session bitter. With citrus notes through to a satisfying bitterness.
Great Newsome Brewery Alewife 3.8 Blonde A straw coloured session ale with floral and citrus notes
Half Moon Brewery Equinox 4.5 Pale A four grain English pale ale, with crisp honey tones displaying a mix of fruity, hoppy aromas and malty flavours.
Half Moon Brewery Rubus 4.7 Pale Half Moon Brewery Collaboration with Neepsend Brew Co. A raspberry wheat pale
Hill Billy Brewery Uncle Jed 3.8 Bitter A copper coloured bitter
Hop Studio Porter 4.3 Porter A dark and sensual vanilla porter. In-tense chocolate malt & berry flavours
Kelham Island I tried so hard 4.8 Blonde A clean refreshing blonde ale, with a smooth slightly dry flavour, a blend of Slovenian and U.S. hops give this beer a vibrant, zesty citrus character
Mill Valley Brewery British Bitter 4 Bitter A classic bitter, brewed with British ingredients, right from the grain, to the hops, then a British yeast strain. Maris Otter, Wheat, Red Crystal & Caramalt. Then hopped using Admiral, Challenger and Goldings
Mill Valley Brewery Panther Pale 4 Pale Our flag ship beer, brewed with Yorkshire Pale & Wheat Malt, and hopped with American Citra. Crisp & refreshing with mellow tropical fruits, certainly a session beer.
Möbru Mö Strawberry Beer 4 Pale Fruit Wheat Beer
New Wharf Brewing BREAKFAST STOUT 7.5% – BOURBON EDITION 7.5 Stout With 6 malts and 3 hops this full bodied breakfast stout will surely hit the spot. The creaminess of the oats and Cacao nibs coat the inside of the palate, leaving way for a light coffee bittersweet bourbon finish. Believe in the Brew
Northern Alchemy Mexican Marigold Sour 2.9 Sour A soured beer using unmilled grain in the Berliner Weisse style making use of natural Lactobacillus for fermentation. This low ABV sour has a mash infusion of Mexican Marigold (a flat leafed green herb) that brings notes of Pineapple & Lemon. Brewed in collaboration with The Cook House team (Ouseburn, Newcastle).
Northern Monk Brew Co. Lucky Six 6.6 Porter Part of the Old Flax Store Projects. A collaboration with N Beer, one of the original craft breweries in China. A classic silky porter with a touch of honey sweetness.
Old School Brewery Headmaster 4.5 Ruby A dark, strong best bitter. It mixes a complex malty flavour with a blackcurrant aroma, leaving a subtle sweet nutty aftertaste.
Poachers Poachers Pride 4 Bitter Amber bitter brewed using East Kent Golding hops producing a wonderful flavour and aroma that lingers.
Raven Hill Brewery Ridge Way 5.5 Porter Smooth sweet chocolate flavours imparted from Chocolate malt and abundance of flaked oats
Raven Hill Brewery Barrel aged cherry saison 5.6 Pale Six months of Bourbon oak barrel shines through this dry cherry Saison, also with a stunning bright cherry colour.
Raw Independence Pale 4.1 Pale Gluten free American pale ale with Chinook & Jaryllo
Revoloutions Swoon 4.5 Stout Multi-award winning sweet stout with the moreish flavour of chocolate fudge. Malts – Pale, Amber, Crystal, Roasted Barley Oats. Adjuncts – Lactose (milk)
Scarborough Brewery Stout 4.6 Stout Dark beer brewed using five malts to give full bodied in depth flavours and a chocolate aroma
Tiny Rebel Brewing CALI PALE 5 Pale A beer suitable for sitting on the beach in the californian sun. This juicy pale ale plays on classic tropical and pine flavours, with a relaxed mango twist. Grab your flip-flops, sit back and watch the world go by.
Turning Point Brewery Disco King 5.1 Pale Big on American hop flavour and aroma from Mosaic and Chinook hops. Drinkability for its ABV from a clean malt base. A real juicy one!
VOG South Island 4.2 NZ Pale Our NZ Maori (very) pale ale. Dry, bitter and refreshing with a big punch from heavy late hopping with Waimea
Wander Beyond Brewing LEAP 9.5 Stout Leap is our new vegan and celiac friendly imperial sweet stout! Brewed with oats for a creamy mouthfeel, vanilla for sweetness and loads of speciality dark malts for a chocolatey and roasty flavour profile. Leap bridges a gap and makes our beers more accessible for a wider range of people to enjoy.
Woldtop Fractus 3.8 Pale Pale ale with big aromas of citrus, grapefruit, sage and lemon. Pale, Citrus, Zesty
Woldtop Against the Grain 4.5 Pale A premium Gluten Free beer, a full-flavoured bitter with a creamy head
Woldtop Worts N’Ale 4.1 Bitter A golden bitter, with a fresh bitterness and notes of orange and spice
Yorshire Brewhouse Tenfoot 3.9 Pale A hoppy pale ale with bags of citrus and floral character
Yorshire Brewhouse Faithful 4.9 Porter Rich dark malty stout with a fruity bitter finish


Hedge hogger

Violet pig – 4 – flavoured with real blueberries, festival favourite @ scarborough camra festival


Hedge hogger

Wise pig – 4 – elderflower cider, made with elderflowers picked on our farm


Hedge hogger

Tammy pig – 4 – ginger cider infused with fresh ginger for up to 3 days


Hedge hogger

Old aged pig vintage dry cider – overwintered straight

Cider voted best northern cider 2018 and festival cider manchester 2019


Colemans cider company

Sweet – 6.0% – a sweet tasting eastern counties style cider handcrafted in the yorkshire wolds using locally source desert, culinary and crab apples.


Colemans cider

Company damson 4.0% – a fruity medium sweet eastern counties style cider handcrafted in the yorkshire wolds using locally sourced damsons and desert, culinary and crab apples.


Colemans cider company

Rhubarb 4.0% – a fruity medium sweet eastern counties style cider handcrafted in the yorkshire wolds using locally sourced rhubarb and desert, culinary and crab apples.


Colemans cider company

Elderflower 4.0% – a refreshing medium sweet eastern counties style cider handcrafted in the yorkshire wolds using locally sourced elderflowers and desert, culinary and crab apples.


Bumblebee cider – sloeberry 4%

Scrumptious somerset cider with a twist. Bumblebee managed to wrestle a couple of sacks of sloe berries off the gin hipsters to create this plummy little number


Jaggy thistle 7.4% thistly

Carefully crafted in small batches using locally sourced fruit and wild yeasts, jaggy thistle is a scrumpy that’s truly unique to east lothian, scotland. An unfiltered vintage cider, jaggy thistle is smooth to drink and packed full of flavour. A dry cider that retains the warming, full bodied mouthfeel you’d expect from a vintage blend.


Dudda’s tun – disco 5.6%

First press of the season. This medium/dry cider delivers super appley flavour from the farm grown discovery apples.


Sandford  – fanny’s bramble 4%

A gentle amble out of sandford towards shaky bridge threads along fanny’s lane.in the autumn the blackberries from it’s hedges join local apples in many pies and crumbles. They pluck a few away to add to their own special recipe. We think this is a uniquely fruity and refreshing cider.


Lilley’s  – red rabbit 6%

Red rabbit is a rich and fruity rustic cider bursting with apple flavour. Cloudy and medium dry.


Celtic marches – celtic tiger 4%

Herefordshire cider liberally imparted with orange & pineapple. Caribbean sunshine & english countryside combine to provide a refreshing tropical cider.


Gwynt y ddraig – pyder 6%

Gwynt y ddraig’s out of the ordinary blend of apple and pear juice fermented and oak conditioned to tantalise your taste buds.


Ashridge cider – traditional 6%

A fruity well balanced cider with the added complexity of pear aromas and taste. Well worth a try.